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Portrait Photography

Based in the Orange County and Los Angeles area

Everyone deserves to not only exist in photos, but also to be seen the way they've always dreamed of. In today's world, our image is needed in a multitude of places - professional headshots, social media, and maybe even that dating profile. But, the perfect photo doesn't just happen by accident, and even people who don't believe they are naturally photogenic can absolutely take gorgeous images. I include professionally done hair and makeup, styling guidance, and knowledge of lighting, posing, and camera angles to literally put you in your best light. Everyone deserves to have an image of themselves that they absolutely love.

Not only that - but getting a portrait made can be an amazing experience. Imagine being able to be seen in a way you've always dreamed. We are fortunate enough to be next to Hollywood, where I have connections with special effects hair and makeup artists, real studio sets, and gorgeous outdoor backdrops throughout Orange County and LA. If you want traditional images, great! I've got you. But - if you want to be transformed into an elvish princess, a magnificent mermaid, an underwater masterpiece, or photographed in the middle of a room with falling rain and dramatic lighting - whatever it is that will make your heart sing - I can make that happen. The first step is for you and I to talk. Lets make it happen.




Photographer. Business Owner. Sagittarius.

My name is Nekoda Mattox

I love to make people feel seen. I have always naturally had what has been described as a reflective energy - I show people who they are. As a photographer, that became my superpower.

Clients - especially women - began to tell me that they had never felt like they had truly seen their authentic selves ever before they saw what I showed them through my lens. It broke my heart and fueled my soul at the same time.

My mission is to show everyone their most gorgeous selves by taking the most stunning image.


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