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My passion is showing you how beautiful you are.

I have been photographing portraits since I was a teenager developing my own film in darkrooms. I work as a mirror - reflecting your inner self and incredible spirit into the best images you have ever seen of yourself in your life. I know how to use the camera, angles, and guided posing together to show even those who believe they aren't photogenic how stunning they actually are. I can't wait to show you, too.

Client Testimonials

“For the very first time in my life, I have gotten pictures taken that I actually enjoy looking at. All my life I thought I knew what I looked like based on what I saw in the mirror and in photos, and it honestly never reflected the true me. Until I had my photos professionally taken by Nekoda.

This was the first time I saw myself while expressing myself as truly myself. I shared a couple of the photos with friends and got the same reaction!

Truly Nekoda has a gift, and this photo shoot of me was a gift to me too, especially because I got to enjoy being with her beautiful children while she snapped many fun natural shots. It was so fun!”


“This was my first headshot, let alone photoshoot. I admit I was a little nervous going in since I'd never done something like this before. Nekoda made me feel at ease instantly and the entire session was a dream. We laughed, we joked, and I learned a lot from the experience. Nekoda communicates very clearly while also making things relaxed, easy, and fun. Which is amazing when you do look at the pictures- it's like magic how she's able to capture these little windows into your being, things you normally don't pay attention to. Loved my final shots (very difficult to choose my final pics- they came out so good). Highly recommend!

— SAM R.

“The photographer was awesome and very professional The quality and experience was unmatched I would most definitely have her doing all my photos from now on.


"Nekoda truly made me feel like a queen for a day. With the pampering from her excellent hair and makeup artist, and her superb skills behind the lens, I haven't felt this beautiful in so many years! I will treasure these photos and moments for decades to come! Thanks, Nekoda! Can't wait to work with you again."


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