Nekoda Mattox Photography

Vintage styled portrait of a black father with his mixed toddler daughter in a 1920s style flapper gown.
Three year old blond haired girl wearing a bright sky blue Cinderella designer gown and wearing a tiara with misty green outdoor background
Baby fairy girl in a pure white dress with a red bow, flying with her wings while trapped in a bottle next to pale reddish pink roses.
A dark and moody depiction of a three year old girl in a tiara and blue cinderella dress running away from a white horse and carriage
Closely cropped headshot of a big brown eyed mixed toddler girl wearing a midnight black 1920s style flapper gown, a pearl necklace, and a headband with a light purple feather.
Black and white vintage style image made to look old and weathered. It depicts a toddler girl wearing a 1920s style flapper dress, pearl necklace, and headband with a feather while sitting on an old piano.
Curly brownish blond haired toddler in a vintage 1920s style handmade black gown, pearl necklace, and purple feathered headband smiling while sitting on a piano with a white couch and clocks in the background.
A blond haired girl in a Cinderalla dress with a magical transformation from rags to princess, with a light purple studio background.
A long blond haired girl in a light blue Cinderella dress looking in awe and surprise at a glowing fairy in her hands, while two more fairies fly behind her.
The warm sun shines down softly on a three year old girl in a field of tall grass, while she wears a blue cinderella dress and a silver tiara.
A moody, dramatic portrait of a three year old girl in a cinderella dress as she runs anxiously out of a dark tunnel.
A one year old mixed girl with dirty blond ringlet curls  looks thoughtfully away in a painterly style outdoor portrait.
A little girl does a princess pose outdoors in a baby blue Cinderella dress and silver tiara.
A young black teenage girl walks down a dirt path with red bougainvillea behind her. She's wearing a pail peach designer gow dripping in flowers, and a matching floral headpiece.
A beautiful African American girl looks over her shoulder directly at the viewer, with red bougainvillea in the background. She's wearing a light peach dress with a pale pink flower on it, and her hair is straightened with a white and pink floral headband
An African American teenage girl holds a black and orange butterfly gently in her hands, while looking up happily. She's wearing a peach dress with pink and white floral accents, and a matching floral headband.
Headshot of a teenage girl looking directly at the viewer. There is a blurry red flower background, and she's wearing pink and white flowers in her hair.
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