Nekoda Mattox Photography

Fantasy Portrait Sessions

Teen girl holding a purple magical orb in a mysterious fog filled forest, with her back to a mystic mirror with a castle and her reflection walking away.

Fantasy is a genre I grew up with, both as a book worm and movie lover. It has grown even more dear to my heart as an adult, after being introduced to many more worlds through anime. As much as I enjoy true to life photography, magic and fantasy speaks to my soul on a whole different level. Practical effects (like using a special effects hair and make up artist, fog machine, etc) are my favorite to create an entire fantasy experience with the portrait. I have an upcoming session, for example, with a special effects artist that will be doing fantasy looks, including elvish ears - and it’s pretty much going to be the most epically fun portrait day ever. The freedom to add details and magic through editing, though, is a beautiful thing. Combining both is true magic.

To create the perfect fantasy portrait, it’s all about the details. It’s the costume, the setting, the lighting, the posing, and the camera editing all working together in harmony to create a work of art. Being next to Hollywood, where we have gorgeous sets and incredible movie level artists at every turn, it’s the absolute perfect place to make these portraits happen. Contact me here if you would like to experience the magic yourself.

Award Winning Photography

I am so excited to share that I am officially an award winning photographer. Both of these images were given the bronze in the Portrait Masters Awards, which is an award and accreditation program for photographers. Judges look at every single detail in the image. Everything from technical skills - like lighting and editing - to style and expression are examined and scored. Achieving bronze is a true accomplishment, and I am so proud of this career milestone. I told Lauren she looked like she was a gorgeous professional model, and proved it!

Huge thank you to my beautiful client, Lauren, who is the owner of the custom clothing store Lauren St. Laurent. Also major shout out to my wonderful hair and makeup artist for this session, Phillip Bernier.

Hair and Makeup for your Photo Session

Having your hair and makeup professionally done for your photography session can make a huge difference (yes, even for the men and children!). A great portrait is all about the small details - which is exactly what a hair and makeup artist focuses on. They can enhance natural features, such as making your eye color pop, or help minimize frizz and fly aways for a cleaner look. They can create a “makeup-free” natural look, or go for a glamor or more creative style.

I am now including a professional hair and makeup artist with each portrait session. They can either come to your home, or stay with us in studio in Orange County or LA to change up the look with each outfit.

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