Nekoda Mattox Photography

The Portrait Masters Awards July 2022

I am so incredibly proud to announce that this portrait won bronze in an international, prestigious photography competition. This 12 year old girl had never done professional portraits before, and wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I provided the dress, location, and guidance - but I was so proud of how she truly opened up and became absolutely radiant during the process. She was an absolute natural. 

The Portrait Masters Awards judge every detail of a portrait - expression, styling, color harmony, lighting, composition - and even down to what a portrait communicates to a viewer - the feelings and stories it expresses. To be judged on a global scale, amongst other phenomenal artists from around the world and thousands of entries, and to be ranked at bronze is an honor and accomplishment that can’t entirely be put to words. Thank you to my amazing clients - you enspire me, every day, to continue to create and be better than the day before.

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